Apart from electricity generation, geothermal energy can be utilised for other direct use application such as bathing, heating, agriculture products drying, and also as tourism objects. As one of the countries that has a vast geothermal energy potential, Indonesia has an advantage as a tourism destination. However, compared to other countries that are rich with geothermal sources such as New Zealand or Iceland, Indonesia is still lagging behind in the promotion of its geothermal surface features as a tourism destination. There are relatively a few well-known geothermal tourist destinations in Indonesia compared to Indonesia’s numerous geothermal areas. This paper reviews and compares the geothermal utilisation as tourism purpose in New Zealand, USA, and Iceland. Examples from famous geothermal tourism places such as Yellowstone (USA), Rotorua and Taupo (NZ), and Blue Lagoon (Iceland) are reviewed, and the approach used by these countries to promote and develop geothermal tourism are also discussed and summarised. Finally, this paper tries to summarise what are the approaches that can be used by Indonesia to further develop its geothermal resources as tourism objects, and the possibility to pair geothermal tourism closely with education and industrial energy use.