A bankable geothermal consulting firm which consists of highly qualified consultants.

Who we are

We are a private national geothermal consulting company in Indonesia. We have been providing consultancy services on various type of operations to many geothermal projects in Indonesia, from geothermal operators, contractors to international financial institutions. We are applying a high standard of service quality that meets the requirements on internationally recognized projects.

Rigsis has expertise in drilling engineering & operation and mechanical engineering. Our consultants are professionals with solid competency in their field respectively and have been involved in almost all geothermal areas in Indonesia, either in the exploration and/or development phase. Rigsis provides training program and sharing session for our consultants to obtain the specific knowledge, skill set and expertise. With these all combine, we own a data driven and experienced consultants that will deliver the best solutions to our clients.



Having a proven, justified, complete set of skills, knowledge, and experience of engineers.

Synergy With

Being one of main players of energy growth effort.


Creating tools to support and generate efficient and powerful work.


“We are an agile company”


able to create new ideas / behavior / approach / methods in order to deal with situation.


work together with trust, respect, willingness, effective communication, empowerment, and human relationship.


create more efficient operation way and develop creative products.

QHSE Policy

In compliance with integrated ISO 9001 & 45001 that we are currently aiming, Rigsis is establishing a QHSE Policy for everyone in the company to comply with. Our commitment is to create safe and healthy working conditions for employees, stakeholders and the surrounding environment while continuously improving our service quality.