Academic Contribution & Publication

Academic Contribution

  • Binus University

    Guest Speaker “Introduction to Geothermal Industry: Overview and Challenges”

  • Enerka
    • Guest Speaker “Career Transition: How to Navigate It in the Energy Transition” 2020
    • Guest Speaker “Casing Material pada Sumur Geothermal: Bagaimana Kriterianya?” 2020
    • Guest Speaker “Drilling Rig Business: Apa Saja Tantangannya?” 2020
  • Universitas Brawijaya

    Guest Speaker “Oil and Gas Industry Optimism During and After Pandemic” 2020

  • Universitas Andalas

    Internship 2020

  • Universitas Jambi

    Internship 2020

  • Politeknik Energi dan Mineral (PEM) Akamigas

    Internship 2020

  • Universitas Islam Riau

    Guest Speaker

  • Universitas Pertamina
    • Guest speaker “Sandstone – Geothermal Well Design (Rig Selection)” 2021
    • Guest speaker “Sandstone – Geothermal Well Design (Casing and Wellhead Design)” 2021
    • Final project and Internship 2020
  • Universitas Trisakti
    • Guest Lecture “Teknik Eksploitasi Panas Bumi: Geothermal Exploration Slimhole Well” 2020
    • Technical Energy Day 2020
  • Tanri Abeng University

    National Seminar on Petroleum 2018


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