Rigsis to be part of Nordic Chamber Women on Business Committee



Rigsis, as a company with a joint collaboration with Icelandic companies, is happy to be part of the Nordic Chamber Women on Business Committee (NCWB). NCWB is the initiative launched by Nordic Chamber Indonesia (NordCham) in early May 2023 at SKF premises.

This initiative stands in the commitment to create a culture where women are valued, supported, and their contributions recognized. NCWB aims to position Nordic companies as ideal employers – ones that valued diversity. This value will bring good for business, fostering increased creativity, innovation, and problem-solving abilities. Moreover, NCWB will align the company members as strategic business partners to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is understood the crucial role businesses play in addressing global challenges.

NCWB broad vision is to enhance the Indonesian economy through engagement from all genders at every level. This is just the beginning of the initiative. We are in the process of rolling out several work plans and activities aimed at further promoting this vision.

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