Geothermal Subsurface Demystified Webinar

Thanks Mr. Vicky & Mr. Rony for sharing your knowledge & experiences using Leapfrog Geothermal on our 2nd webinar, Geothermal Subsurface Demystified.

Here are some takeaways from this webinar:

1. We can generate #reservoirmodel and #geological model since the exploration phase with minimum available data. The 3G data, GIS, & 2D conceptual model will be incorporated into a 3D conceptual model using #Leapfrog #Geothermal software.

2. The natural state simulation outcomes are integrated with the Leapfrog 3D geological model that has been made previously. This will then become the benchmark for well targeting and future scenarios.

3. Reservoir simulation can help the exploration project phase by creating a temperature profile, identifying the potential high-permeability zone, & updating the conceptual model, easing the decision-making process.

4. We can generate map & cross section, specific 3D model, 3D properties model for Reservoir Modeling, Leapfrog Viewer, & Movies.

5. Data & model QA/QC is very important for #exploration#exploitation, or #reservoir modeling

If you have missed the webinar, you can watch the replay here:

See you on the next webinar!


Published On: August 3, 2020

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