A geothermal development project has several stages, namely exploration, evaluation and development. Each of these stages has varied drilling objectives so that it often requires different strategies to minimize risks. For more details and details, follow our webinar !!

PT Rigsis Energi Indonesia proudly presents our 15th webinar “Risk Analysis and Decision – Making Process for Geothermal Project” with Mr. Ali Ashat as the speaker. This webinar will be held on:

🗓️ Friday, 30th April 2021
🕞 3.00 pm
🖥️ bit.ly/RigsisWebinar15

Get a chance to win a cool doorprize at the end of the webinar!

Further info, please contact us at:
Email: info@rigsis.com
Linkedin: PT Rigsis Energi Indonesia
Website: www.rigsis.com

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