Before the drilling operation phase, the geothermal developer needs to prepare the wellpad area. The area should be designed and constructed at least to:

(a) Support all drilling equipments loads;
(b) Control run-off and contain drilling fluids;
(c) Review the geotechnical assessment during site preparation and carry out additional remedial work as required;
(d) Consider consolidation grouting, where subsurface conditions warrant; and
(e) Have finished grades in the site area covered by the drilling rig

PT Rigsis Energi Indonesia proudly presents our 13th webinar “Supporting Infrastructure in Geothermal Drilling Project: Wellpad Preparation” with Mr. Agus Soedarsa as the speaker. This webinar will be held on:

🗓️ Friday, 26th February 2021
🕞 3.30 pm

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